Address Oakdale, LA

About the Business

Or "About me".... 

I wanted to take a page of this site to write down a little bit about this small business the customers support. 

First, I am a fellow diesel enthusiast ever since my dad brought home a 96 7.3 when I was younger.  We spent many days and nights on the road traveling around in that truck. It later became my first truck when I got my license in 2004. Yea, an 9 year old diesel with over 500k miles.

Fast forward another 4 years to 2008, graduated and working with my dad full time...buying/selling industrial sewing equipment. I had saved up enough money to put a pretty good size down payment on my own truck. It took close to a year of searching, but I finally found THE truck in Rome, GA: 2001 F350, Lariat, 4x4, crew cab, 137k miles, mint condition....$12k off the lot. Now this was MY truck. This is where forums, YouTube,  and other sites come in to influence me and my finances. There was no FaceBook groups at this time, for me anyways. 



Shortly afterward, in February of 09, I moved from Alabama to Louisiana for a great job opportunity. Just a guy and his truck, loaded down leaving everything behind. Years go by, life continued on. Had kid, blew a turbo, got married, rebuilt the transmission, bought a house, bought another turbo... You get the picture. Somewhere in all of this, Facebook groups started becoming a "thing". I've long since been active in the groups, being admin in 2 of the Ford diesel groups and having a few smaller groups of my own. This is where the vinyl business part comes in. What is common thing among smaller to medium Facebook club groups? Decals!! Wanting to provide decals for a group, I got into learning how to design vector artwork. I worked on the group design to where it was ready to become a decal. I sent out the design to a few companies for quotes. When I got the quotes, I backed up a bit to rethink my plan. Light bulb!! I'll just get me a little vinyl cutter and make my own decals. 

And that's how you ended up here reading this :) 

With all of that said, as a paying customer, you are supporting a Christian run small business by an active LEO. Meaning I do not create vulgar/innapropriate products and I do have a full time job. I am active in church and church activities throughout the week. I enjoy doing this on the side as a hobby. Making artwork and seeing customers satisfied with what they order. I strive to be professional, transparent, and just another person like you. 

I hope after reading this, you understand a little more about me and what this means to me. I look forward to working with you, seeing you at future diesel events, and chatting with you in the groups.