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Your one stop shop for unique custom vinyl graphics for the diesel automotive industry. Looking for something not listed? Send us a message!

Why Choose Us?

A fellow diesel enthusiast like most of you reading this. My passion for diesels accidentally turned into a business. Slowly growing, thanks to the continued support. So why chose Diesel Vinyl Graphics? First, automotive minded to turn out (diesel) automotive inspired graphics, making the designs flow with integrated diesel themes. Second, I'm in this for you. You have something you want to convey or promote. You want it done in quality style. I'll work with you one-on-one to get the design you want. 


Q: What material do we use?

A: We use the industry standard Oracle 651 for most products you see listed. It is rated for 6 years outdoor durability.

Q: Can we special order certain colors or types of vinyl?

A: Yes. Special request are frequently accommodated for customers. Special request do require payment up front.


Q: How big of a decal can you make?

A: That question has two answers. Once piece decal can be made ~47.5" wide and roughly 8' long. However, any design can be split up to smaller large pieces and be pieced together in the application process.

Q: When will I get my decal?

A: Order lead time can vary. It depends on your order size and color. New orders will be included on previous order jobs if they are the same color. All effort will be made to get your order processed within 2 weeks. In most cases though, your order will be processed same week (within 7 days from order date).


Please contact if you would like to visit the shop in person. 


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